GridPoint : Inventive Feature-rich Energy Management Solutions

GridPoint : Inventive Feature-rich Energy Management Solutions

, GridPoint In the present day, the energy sector is facing the need to focus on operational goals such as the necessity to ensure compliance, decrease asset downtime, and manage workforce. As competitive and financial pressures rise, the energy industry is looking towards analytics tools to address these pressing issues. Big Data can be a core catalyst to achieving high customer satisfaction and performance in the energy industry. However, it takes pragmatic action to become analytically empowered. Well-positioned to address the need, GridPoint provides data-driven energy management solutions (EMS) that utilizes the power of real-time data visualization, big data analytics and cloud computing to augment energy savings, capital utilization and sustainability profits. “GridPoint’s expertise lies in the ability to collect large amount of data. Every day, we add more than 100 million data points that have been collected across multifaceted sites,” says Mark Danzenbaker, President, GridPoint. The company’s unique energy management portfolio comprises—submetering, monitoring, intelligent control, cloud-based software and qualified services, which produce energy, operational and maintenance savings up to 30 percent.

GridPoint’s energy management hardware is encompassed of intelligent, real-time control, equipment-level sub metering and sophisticated monitoring infrastructures that facilitate the administration and measurement of energy endpoints. “Our controllers, submeters, thermostats, and sensors work together to set desired equipment schedules and temperature setpoints, as well as gather circuit-level power usage and building environment data,” adds Danzenbaker. The company’s intelligent controllers apply energy optimization algorithms based on corporate and facility operations policies, and automatically respond to the information captured from sites. Moreover, the submeters continuously track and supervise asset-level energy utilization to gain perception into vital paraphernalia and facility setting. Similarly, thermostats measure environmental parameters for ensuring adherence to corporate policies and facility comfort thresholds. And sensors give vivid dimension of environmental conditions like humidity, light, and CO2.

GridPoint’s expertise lies in the ability to collect large amount of data

Embracing the trend of mobility, the company’s Energy Manager Mobile is bringing the similar spontaneous and data-rich experience to mobile phones users that GridPoint’s clientele benefit from desktops. This platform facilitates customers to systematize site based on preference, access location details, and connect to real-time, asset-level data for extended visibility and remote troubleshooting. Further enhancing their product suite is GridPoint’s various comprehensive management services, which incorporates energy advisory resources, consumer support services, and site supervision to assist customers 24/7 in achieving advantageous outcomes.

Chinook Systems, a commissioning consulting firm focused on the federal sector, was tasked with a retro commissioning project for a major metropolitan hospital. The hospital had gradually drifted away from optimal settings since its building management system (BMS) was installed in 2002. For increasing the value of their retro commissioning efforts and gaining visibility into hospital’s energy consumption, Chinook employed GridPoint’s submetering devices to collect data on energy consumption, create baselines for equipment performance, and validate predictive energy models. As a result, GridPoint’s submetering data empowered Chinook by giving them insight into the hospital’s facility operational tempo to reveal inefficiencies associated with the BMS controls.
To create a competitive edge over other players in the market, GridPoint extends benefits beyond energy and operational savings and include efforts to optimize capital expenditures through informed decisions. Forging ahead, the company plans on identifying more saving opportunities for energy firms with data-driven analytics. GridPoint will also continue to grow its channel partner program to expand its product base globally.