Grid4C: Machine-Learning based Predictive Analytics Software Solutions for Utilities

Grid4C: Machine-Learning based Predictive Analytics Software Solutions for Utilities

CIO VendorDr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Founder & CEO
Machine-Learning based analytics unlocks the promise of Big-Data, bringing to light data-driven insights at all stages of an industry value chain. Currently, the utility industry is seeking to leverage the massive amount of data coming from smart devices, to help them address the biggest industry disruptions, such as distributed energy resources, deregulation, and the growing expectations of their customers to be engaged beyond traditional power delivery. Based in Austin, TX, Grid4C's comprehensive Machine-Learning based software solutions analyze the massive amount of data collected from millions of smart devices, together with customer data, pricing information and more, in order to maximize efficiency of Energy operations, increase customer engagement and drive profit.

Grid4C believes that Machine- Learning holds the key for revolutionizing the conversation between utilities and their customers, for optimizing operational processes, for better balancing the grid, reducing spikes during peak hours, optimizing Demand Response and pricing programs, changing Energy consumers' behavior and increasing utilities' profitability. Examples of the most innovative Machine-Learning based solutions Grid4C has implemented on the customer side include non-intrusive anomaly detection at the household level to identify specific appliances' malfunctioning patterns; non-intrusive disaggregation of the total usage of the household into the usage of the main appliances so residential customers know how much each appliance costs, customer granular load predictions, customer pricing optimization, customer churn predictions and churn root cause analysis, prediction of customers' response to specific pricing, marketing and energy efficiency offerings, predicting customers collections risk and more.

The big promise of Smart Devices can only be realized with the most advanced Big-Data Machine-Learning based solutions

Examples of the most innovative Machine-Learning based solutions Grid4C has implemented on the grid side include outage predictions, system failure predictions, accurate load forecasting at the meter or sub-meter and sub-hour levels for better balancing supply and demand, optimizing demand response programs, detecting early warnings of irregularities and identifying the irregularities' signature, to predict sophisticated thefts, meter malfunctioning events and more.

All of these Machine-Learning use cases can have a huge impact on the utilities' efforts to deploy effective marketing campaigns, to improve customer engagement, to increase customer acquisition and retention (in competitive markets) and to better balance the grid.

"Grid4C's technology is a result of extensive research and development done by top Machine-Learning PhDs and Data Science experts, to make sure we are one step ahead in the analytics field. Our biggest advantage is our cutting edge Machine-Learning capabilities, which were tested by utilities and outperformed competition, together with our deep understanding of the industry's business needs. More significant advantages are the unique and wide range of solutions we provide, our proven ability to execute and our Time to Value. We are able to provide tremendous value in the first 3 weeks. This is due to the fact that, not only that our proprietary patented algorithms provide accurate granular predictions, but our products are also fully automated, in the sense that they are implemented in a plug-and-play manner," describes the Machine-Learning expert, Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Founder and CEO of Grid4C.

Today Grid4C's software analyzes billions of meter reads from 4 continents, and produces more than 10 Mn predictions for utilities' production and customer systems every day.