Identified Technologies: Empowering Informed Decision Making with Continuous Job Site...

Identified Technologies: Empowering Informed Decision Making with Continuous Job Site Visibility

Dick Zhang, CEO, Identified TechnologiesDick Zhang, CEO
As technology advances, the energy sector is moving beyond the conventional paradigm of deploying slow and expensive methods of monitoring field service and harnessing the power of newer technologies to bring in real-time status and analytic insights. Energy companies are also utilizing advanced new drones to achieve job site visibility to empower fast informed decisions.

However, the majority of the solutions available in the market fail to meet the client expectations, resulting in inaccurate data and misinformed decisions. “Every day we hear horror stories from clients who come to us after trying to hack together their own solutions. It’s extremely complex to get drones, flight automation technology, data processing, analytics, and data management all working together perfectly with error-free accuracy. Projects live and die by these numbers, and they have to be right,” states Dick Zhang, CEO of Identified Technologies.

Addressing these complexities is the Pittsburgh, PA based company Identified Technologies that operates with the core mission to deliver more “Big insights for big jobs”. The firm combines drones, flight control systems, mapping processing solutions, FAA regulatory agencies, and big data management solutions into one complete turn-key workflow solution, allowing rapid adoption and scaling across distributed job sites.

“We help our clients make faster, more informed decisions with continuous job site visibility, tracking, and secure collaboration,” Zhang adds. This in turn helps avoid misunderstandings and delays and allows customers to compare as-built to as-planned, and track as well as predict progress.

Identified Technologies’ proprietary Boomerang drone aerial mapping system is a fully autonomous process that derives accurate data updates on-demand in any work or weather condition. Boomerang’s data results are faster, convenient, safer, and orders of magnitude more affordable.

We empower our clients to make faster more informed decisions with continuous job site visibility, tracking, and secure collaboration

“We’re empowering a level of near real-time tracking, stakeholder communications, and fast informed decision making that was impossible before the Boomerang,” says Zhang. The Boomerang drone comes with an extensive series of fail safes that help in avoiding job site injury. In case of any malfunction, or issues in communication signal and positioning, the Boomerang lands automatically. The Boomerang drone’s small footprint–a little over a foot wide and weighing just a few pounds– minimizes damage even if a problem ever should occur.

Further, Identified Technologies is focused in the advancement of sensor and processing technology and has dramatically expanded its mapping services. The company is also pilot testing methane gas detection, multi-spectral mapping, and thermal imaging, which will be broadly available in the market soon.

A golf pro, Zhang believes in taking challenge and pushing limits of the team at Identified Technologies to take on high ROI in order to encourage, expand, and grow. “With tighter margins, it’s never been more important to differentiate yourself by increasing your service, speed, and efficiency, through technology leadership,” says Zhang. The company differentiates itself by delivering mapping data up to 200 times faster than traditional methods. For instance, Identified Technologies recently mapped a 131-acre site in Wampum, PA that would normally take a survey team of two men more than a month to cover. “Our Boomerang flew it in 13 minutes and the customer had their processed mapping data within a few hours,” he adds.

Forging ahead, Identified Technologies aims to focus their full attention on the energy sectors and rapidly expand its hardware, software, and analytics solutions. “Our latest software updates are automatically uploaded to all Boomerang drones, guaranteeing that the clients always have the most advanced technology at their fingertips,” concludes Zhang.