Adaptive Computing: Workload and Resource Orchestration Software Platform Experts

Adaptive Computing: Workload and Resource Orchestration Software Platform Experts

Marty Smuin, CEO, Adaptive ComputingMarty Smuin, CEO
With the changing business scenario, energy organizations are continuously witnessing unfamiliar situation, compelling them to integrate alternative energies, expand situational awareness across the system, and maintain a close relation with customers, while continuing to providing reliable and affordable energy. Now, energy sector is investing heavily in the highest end of computing technology, matched with sophisticated top-of-the-line modeling and simulation tools to manage and analyze unprecedented amounts of diverse data. However, despite these bleeding edge technologies backing everyday HPC, big data, and cloud-based operations, there is still a great deal of outdated manual work required to orchestrate priority, access, and outcomes. Provo, UT based Adaptive Computing addresses these challenges by providing workload and resource orchestration software platform that dynamically optimizes large-scale computing environments.

With an industry presence of more than a decade, Adaptive uses the largest and complex systems in the world for running its software platform. The company offers Big Workflow solution that derives its name from its ability to solve big data challenges by streamlining the workflow to deliver valuable insights from massive quantities of data across multiple platforms, environments and locations. ‘Big Workflow’ is an industry term coined by Adaptive Computing that accelerates insights by more efficiently processing intense simulations and big data analysis. Unlike other solutions solving big data challenges with just cloud or just HPC, Adaptive unifies all available resources–including bare metal and virtual machines, technical computing environments, cloud and even agnostic platforms that span multiple environments, such as OpenStack–as a single ecosystem that adapts as workloads demand. Adaptive Computing’s Moab software optimizes High Performance Computing, High Throughput and other computing environments. Moab powers many of the world’s largest computing systems. Moab’s intelligent management saves organizations time and money. “Moab platform is more than scheduling and workforce management,” says Marty Smuin, CEO, Adaptive Computing. “Moab is a platform that has multiple products that are designed to help enterprises process information, help individual have more accountability in their environment.”

Moab is a platform that has multiple products that are designed to help enterprises process information, help individual have more accountability in their environment

Adaptive’s flagship Moab HPC Suite Lite is a free, easy-to-use foundational base of a rich enterprise-ready workload management suite. It provides the ease-of-use job submission experience users need to drive high productivity and the basic user and queue management that an administrator needs to manage the workload of many users in a single group. Further, Moab HPC suite provides support, ultimately delivering value added capabilities that extend this basic foundation through upgrades to Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Additionally, Moab Cloud Suite is an intelligent cloud management end-to-end platform that delivers touchless cloud service optimization across the full cloud service life cycle including agility, cost savings and service performance. The suite uses the patented Moab intelligence engine to automate service requesting, provisioning, optimization, and management based on multi-dimensional policies that mimic real-world decision making. Moab Cloud Suite enables organizations to create agile, automated and adaptive private clouds or hybrid clouds from their diverse IT infrastructure.

The company differentiates itself with its IT decision engine software that has been recognized with over 45 patents and over a decade of battle-tested performance. Adaptive’s ability to solve complex and tough management problems to help clients improve efficiency and service levels, and accelerate the IT that powers their business sets it ahead in the competition.

With Fortune 500 and Top 500 supercomputing customer base, Adaptive is set to disrupt the energy sector with its best-of-the-breed solutions. Adaptive has recently announced its new record in High Throughput Computing in collaboration with Supermicro, a leader in high-perform.