Adaptive Analytics: Big Data for Small Business

Adaptive Analytics: Big Data for Small Business

Parnell Woodard, Founder, Adaptive AnalyticsParnell Woodard, Founder
Having rich experience spanning two decades in the marketing and advertising industry, Parnell Woodard has closely studied the rapid changes in the proliferation and availability of data. He has observed how this has contributed to the transformation of many different aspects of business operations. He opines that as data availability grows, so does the challenge of extracting valuable insights. To take advantage of this growing need, he brought together his expertise as a data scientist, marketing strategist and technologist to form Adaptive Analytics. The company leverages data, secured across any number of different sources, thus enabling clients to react to learning from that data throughout their organization.

“Big Data doesn’t have to be just for big companies” explains Woodard. “More and more small and midsize companies recognize that not only do they have the data they need to make smarter decisions, but they too can bring that data together into an environment they can capitalize on without spending inordinate sums of money to do so.” Adaptive Analytics focuses on understanding the metrics and KPI’s that drive a company’s business and then seeks to uncover where that data exists in order to help operationalize insights from it.

Adaptive Analytics’ blueprint protocol identifies and dives deep into the detailed metrics or key performance indicators (KPI) to be extracted from the data. This rigorous process assesses each of those metrics and identifies how they are calculated, created, presented, and refreshed for various levels of insight that users might require. The blueprint acts as a guide for establishing various components that are critical for data visualization such as data sources, queries, and the relationships between the data.

Adaptive Analytics converts the complexities within clients’ data and presents key insights toward overall business growth and revenue generation

With a small yet dynamic team of professionals seasoned in the realm of data capture, data integration (ETL), data analysis (modeling/ segmentation) and data visualization (dashboards/reporting), “Adaptive Analytics converts the complexities within the clients’ data and presents key insights toward overall business growth and revenue generation,” explains Woodard, Founder of Adaptive Analytics.

Adaptive Analytics has built a strong client base in the franchising space, as the team recognized an inherent need for a product to coexist with various Point of Sale (POS) systems. The company built a tool that compliments POS systems but includes additional operational, HR, and reporting components, thus allowing franchisors as well as franchisees to better manage their entire chain of franchises or their single location. Adaptive Analytics’ tool allows for data and reporting integration points through an API thus allowing users faster and more customized reporting access to any number of data sources. “We can get the results they want quickly and precisely the way the clients want it,” says Woodard. The company’s franchise clients include over 1000 users that use various POS systems such as MINDBODY, Zenoti, and Square. Adaptive has the ability to swap data connectors, define KPIs through the blueprint process, and create a deeper and richer reporting set accompanied by day-to-day operations and HR management in a toolset for that particular franchise.

For 2018, Adaptive Analytics will continue to source new technologies that enable Adaptive to build more customized solutions for their clients. “Clients data and reporting needs change, sometimes very quickly. And we need tools and partners that allow us to address those client needs equally as fast, while still supporting their existing legacy systems,” says Woodard. “Technology changes so fast. You have to be able to adapt to it for your clients while still delivering insights and results. We strive for that every day.”